About Pooward

Pooward is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturer specialized in machining various of non-standard precision parts and customized automation equipments.

About Us

Pooward is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturer specialized in machining various of non-standard precision parts and customized automation equipments.

Pooward is located in Dongguan, an important manufacturing city and industrial hub in China. it covers an area of 11,500 square meters and there are currently 280 employees, most of them are well trained and experienced mechanical engineers. By adopting an self-developed ERP system, we have always been providing our clients reliable and quality services since 2006.

Our precision parts are widely adopted in different industries including Oil & gas, automation & control, semi-conductor, 3D Printing, consuming electronics  etc. We have been providing excellent services to hundreds of clients since 2006 and built a long term cooperation with GE, ABB, Siemens, Philips, ATS and many other top 500 & influential Companies.


April 1, 2006

Initial Founded

Incorporation of Pooward Precision Co., Ltd.  Investment 200,000 EUR.

April 1, 2006
June 1, 2007


Cooperate with a foreign company (Creden) and re-organized factory named Creden Mechatronic (Dongguan) Co. Ltd.

June 1, 2007
June 1, 2008


Re-organized the business. Investment increased to 800,000 EUR.

June 1, 2008
July 1, 2008

Import & Export License

Obtained Independent Import & Export License. 

July 1, 2008
December 1, 2008

ISO Certified

Qualified the ISO 9001:2008 system certificate.

December 1, 2008
March 1, 2009

Add Equipment

Add three NC lathe, 2 CNC machining center and 2 wire-cutting machine

March 1, 2009
January 1, 2010

Add Equipment

Add 2 CNC machining center and 1 automation grinding machine

January 1, 2010
March 1, 2010

Add Equipment

Add 2 CNC machining center

March 1, 2010
January 1, 2019

Increase Investment

Invested 5 million US dollars for adding new equipment. Till the end of 2019, POOWARD has 47 CNC machining center, 28 NC lathes

January 1, 2019

Factory Tour


Main Office Area


Meeting Room


Training Center

Document control

Document Control Center

5-Axis CNC

5-axis CNC Center

CNC Milling

CNC Milling Facilities

NC turning

NC Turning Facilities

milling planer

Milling Planer Facilities


EDM wire-cutting Facilities

Quality control

CMM Inspection Center

Quality Control

Qualiy Control Center

Quality Control

Quality control Facilities

manufacturing Facilities

S/NType of MachineBrand / ModelOriginalQty (Unit)Machining Range (mm)Accuracy (mm)
1CNC Machine CenterDMG/DMC64VGermany1640x600x500 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
2CNC Machine CenterMAZAK/VCN-510CChina-NX11300x510x570 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
3CNC Machine CenterKeZone/VMC-850(4-Axis)China2800x500x500 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
4CNC Machine CenterKeZone/VMC-1160ELChina11200x600x600 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
5CNC Machine CenterKeZone/VMC-850LChina5800x500x500 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
6CNC Machine CenterKeZone/VMC-600ELChina2600x400x450 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
7CNC Machine CenterSLV-1160China11180x580x540 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
8CNC Machine CenterSLV-960China2890x520x660 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
9CNC Machine CenterLV-850(4-Axis)China1800x500x500 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
10CNC Machine CenterLV-850China19800x500x500 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
11CNC Machine CenterLV-1160(4-Axis)China11200x600x600 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
12CNC Machine CenterLV-1160China11200x600x600 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
13CNC Machine CenterSLV-650China2600x500x500 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
14CNC Machine CenterMV-860(4-Axis)China1800x600x600 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
15CNC Machine CenterMV-860China4800x600x600 (X/Y/Z)±0.005
165 Axis CNC Machine3+2 / C(5-Axis)China1Ø320×350±0.005
17Horizontal CNC MachineDMG/NHC 6300China -TJ11050x900x1030 X/Y/Z±0.002
185 Axis CNC MachineDMG/DMU 75Germany1Ø840*500±0.002
19Turn & Milling  Compound machineDMG/NTX2500Japan1Ø670 x3135±0.002
20NC Lathe MachineTMT/TTB-36BLTaiwan1Ø550×1530±0.005
21NC Lathe MachineTMT/TTB-26BLTaiwan2Ø500×1000±0.005
22NC Lathe MachineFS STS /XCP-52China8Ø320×150±0.005
23NC Lathe MachineFS STS /XCP-45China2Ø320×150±0.005
24NC Lathe MachineYN Machinery/CY-K510China1Ø500×1000±0.01
25NC Lathe MachineDoosan /PUMA3050China8Ø460×640±0.005
26NC Lathe MachineDoosan/PUMA405China4Ø550×1050±0.005
27NC Lathe MachineDoosan /PUMA700LKorea2Ø1140×3200±0.005
28Lathe MachineGZ Machinery/C632A1China1Ø320×700±0.02
29Lathe MachineYN Machinery/CY6150China1Ø550×1500±0.02
30Lathe MachineYN Machinery/CY6132BChina1Ø320×700±0.01
31Lathe MachineHH Machinery/C6132AChina1Ø360×1000±0.01
32Lathe MachineSMTCL/CA6140A/750China1Ø400×750±0.01
33Milling MachineJTD/T03int-42AChina7680x406x330±0.02
34Milling MachineYS/16SSTaiwan3680x406x330±0.02
35Milling MachineXHJ/GT-105VTaiwan61000x600x500±0.01
36Large Horizontal GrinderJD/KGS-306/84Taiwan1600x300x300±0.005
37Medium Horizontal GrinderJD/KGS-615AHDTaiwan11500x600x400±0.005
38Horizontal GrinderWP/HF-618STaiwan6400x150x180±0.005
39Horizontal GrinderYQ/YSG-618STaiwan3400x150x180±0.002
40Semi-Automation GrinderYQ/YSG-618AHTaiwan1400x150x180±0.002
41Wire-Cutting  CUT P350+GF+Switzerland2350x220x220±0.002
42Wire-Cutting (WEDM)SF Machinery/DK7740China6400x400x300±0.02
43Medium Speed Wire-Cutting (WEDM)SG/HA500China1500x400x400±0.005
44Medium Speed Wire-Cutting (WEDM)HZHF/HF400MZQ-G15China1550x450x600±0.005
45Drilling MachineXL/ZQ4113China2Ø1-Ø13 
46Tapping MachineXL/SWJ-12China2M2-M12 
47Tapping MachineXL/SWJ-16China1M5-M16 
48Saw MachineCL /G4250/85China1500H/ 850L 
49Saw MachineG652China1Max. Ø280 
50Tumbling MachineV850China1Max. 6L 
51Sand Blasting MachineJC906013China1Max. 0.7-0.8mpa 
52Surface Wire-Drawing MachineJH/JH-A340China11000x600x120 
53Surface Wire-Drawing MachineJH /JH-C360China11200x800x80 
54Ultrasonic CleanerCPDA200China1400x400x600 
55Highe temperature furnaceJLT/SX2-12-12China1500x300x200 
Corperate Culture

Building up top-class mechanical manufacturing team to benefit customers, companies and employees.


To be an excellent supplier of precision mechanical of the top enterprises worldwide, breaking through pearl-delta

core Value

Honesty, Integrity, Equality,Persistence, Service

Company Strategies

Fully implement ISO 9001 quality system, and strict quality target evaluation

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction, Quality Assurance, Pursuing Excellence


Pooward got the ISO Certificate in Dec 2008

After more than 16 years practices, Pooward now has the ability to develop and fabricate high-efficiency and high-speed specialized machines and equipment for industries. even a 5-axis CNC machining center. It is granted as a “High Tech. Enterprise” and “Innovative Enterprise of Guangdong” by local government.

Pooward owns patents for some specialized fixtures and cutting tools which were designed and developed by our engineers. We can source different materials according to different standard and handle various special surface treatments, heat treatments.

Customer Quality Acceptance Rate > 99.7%

Customer Satisfaction Rate > 90%

Delivery on Time Rate > 97%


Pooward owns 16 patents for some specialized fixtures and cutting tools
which were designed and developed by our engineers.

List of the invention patent

  • 2016111004274
  • 2021112198494

List of the utility patent

  • 2020205523266
  • 2020205530842
  • 2020205531489
  • 2020217915935
  • 2020225207079
  • 2020225207083
  • 2020225207098
  • 2021225094997
  • 2021225095133
  • 2021225227700
  • 2021225233699
  • 2022225379534
  • 2022225672050
  • 2022225752958